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Hokkaido MSC

HMSC is currently conducting a survey of Japanese residents living in Hokkaido who are interested in supporting foreign residents, especially seniors.  Please click on the News tab above in order to read the details and access the online survey form. We hope that spouses of foreign residents and those Japanese who wish to communicate in Engish with foreigners and each other will participate in the survey.


The HMSC Executive Committee

 Upcoming Presentation


Global Health Literacy Course in English at Hokkaido Informaton University

August 19-21, Monday-Wednesday 09:00 - 17:45

Venue: Hokkaido Information University in Ebetsu

Please check the location and access: https://www.do-johodai.ac.jp/guidance/access.php


HMSC is supporting this event, especially the presentations given by our member Ms. Katherine Mansoor.  We urge all HMSC members who are able to participate at any time during this free course to register and attend the presentations of their choice. 


Detailed information in Japanese and English is available at the following link.



Lectures and Timetables

Please visit these links for more English information on the schedule, content and speakers;

Global Health Literacy Course 2019

Short Description

Lecturers Bio-data


Please email to: ghl@do-johodai.ac.jp

The Items in your email

(1) Name (2) Phone number (3) Occupation (4) Email address

(5) Class choices: ① All 3 days or ② Selected day(s) or

③ Selected day(s) and class(es)

Registration Deadline is Aug 16.

You can attend all three days, 1 day or a few classes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address indicated above.


HMSC exists to provide support for multinational residents:


Provide regular bilingual presentations on a range of topics, from health to disaster prevention, especially topics of interest to seniors

Hold a variety of social events for multinationals to share mutual interests

Promote international exchange and intercultural understanding


Learn more about us:

Read our latest news here


Find out more about the history of HMSC here


To get involved, learn more about upcoming events or contact us


View our archived reports of past events, or our photo gallery


We work in close partnership with the Sapporo International Communication Plaza and are registered with L-Plaza as HMSC - Hokkaido Multinational Support Community.


This group was originally founded by Michiyo Yoshida as MSC under the umbrella of "Neighbors" in January 2015.  From April 2019 it has been restructured as HMSC with an expanded vision and mission to benefit all those who join or attend presentations as guests.  Your participation and support is welcomed.


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