Designed by Thomas Zimmerman Supporting Seniors in Hokkaido
             Designed by Thomas Zimmerman                                                             Supporting Seniors in Hokkaido

Hokkaido MSC

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Book Talk #9 (Your favorite short story!)

March 23rd, Saturday 14:00 - 16:00

Venue: Biidama Cafe in Maruyama

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      Recent Past Events:

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Researching Care Services and Facilities for International Residents

March 3rd, Sunday 14:00 - 17:00

Venue:  Catholic Kita 1-jo Church Center




Hokkaido MSC exists to support foreign residents of Hokkaido:

  • Provide regular bilingual presentations on a range of topics, from finances to disaster prevention

  • Hold social events - parties, picnics and meet-ups

  • Promote international exchange and understanding


Learn more about us:

  • Read our latest news here


  • Find out more about the history of the MSC here





We work in close partnership with Asian Neighbors and the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation

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