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Dr. Sohma on Understanding AD & Dementia

MSC Committee

MSC - Planning Committee - Meeting Pleasure


Minimalism Presentation at Int'l Comm. Plaza


Multinational Support Community Potluck Party Celebration

January 27th, Saturday 12:30 - 16:00 (Committee set up is from 12:00 noon.)

Venue: Clark Memorial Student Center, Hokkaido University - Kita 8, Nishi 8

Once again we plan to hold our annual celebration of a successful year where we have reached out to the community to offer presentations which are intended to help foreign residents, especially seniors. We had a nice variety of programs held during 2017 and you can review those reports by clicking on the Archive tab at the very top of this page.
The event is free to enter, but we ask that you bring a food dish to share with 8 people.  We look forward to seeing a large variety of food dishes from various countries, as represented by the group diversity.  MSC will provide soft drinks, hot tea and coffee.  Guests can bring their own preferred drinks as well.  We will be planning for some live entertainment once again and post that information when it becomes available.
Those who are driving can enter campus by car through the Kita 12 gate, obtain a form at the security check station, which must be completed and stamped at the Clark Center, in order to verify the reason for using the parking area.  Parking will cost 300 yen when you leave the campus.


Reservations recommended as there is a limit to the number of tables that can be set up.  Send an email to ken.hartmann[@] with the names of the guests and what dish you are planning to bring.  Finally, we are making big plans for the 2018 programs and we would appreciate donations to support our activities.  A donation jar will be at the reception desk.

HMSC 2017 祝賀ポットラックパーティ


場所:北海道大学 クラーク会館 北8条西8丁目


私たちは地域のコミュニティと関わりを持ち、外国人の居住者(特にシニア世代)の役に立つことを目的としたプレゼンテーションを提供することができたこの一年を称賛し、恒例の祝賀会を開く予定です。2017年は多種のプログラムを開催してきました。ページの上部のアーカイブタブ(Archive  tag)をクリックしていただくと、プログラムの内容をご覧いただけます。




車で南12条側の門から入場される方はゲートで駐車場を利用する旨を伝え、クラークセンターで用紙にスタンプを押してもらってください。駐車料金は300円です。会場のテーブルの数に限りがありますので、参加者の名前とどんな食べ物を用意する予定かをken.hartmann [@] までメールで事前に予約してください。





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