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Dr. Sohma on Understanding AD & Dementia

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MSC - Planning Committee - Meeting Pleasure


Minimalism Presentation at Int'l Comm. Plaza

Summer Picnic for HMSC Members and Guests


 August 5th, Saturday 12:00 noon - 16:00

 Come and go as your schedule permits.

 Nakajima Park, an area behind the Hokkaido Museum of Literature.


 Last year about 25-30 members and guests came to the picnic, to socialize, share news and ideas and most of all to have fun.


 People brought plenty of food dishes to share along with their favorite drinks.


 Adults and kids played Frisbee and used hula hoops, but most enjoyed chatting and eating.


 This event is open to all so please invite your family and friends to join in.


 View photos from the event last year in the Photo Gallery.


 Please write to: ken.hartmann[at], if there are any questions.




 8月5日(土)12:00 から1600まで


 場所:中島公園 北海道立文学館の裏参加無料

昨年のピクニックの様子はこちらからご覧になれます。Photo Gallery


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