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Logo created by Thomas Zimmerman

Current News

February 2018 - I have updated the website to add a variety of links received from other senior help organizations in the States.  These are all well-written articles providing a wealth of informaton for seniors and how to care for them.  Please visit the Links page to view these and bookmark those of particular interest to you.  We are always open to recommendations.

November 19, 2017 - Slight name change for our MSC Group


At the Core Committee meeting held immediately after the presentation on November 18th the committee members decided to change the name of the group from Multinational Senior Community to Multinational Support Community.  This change was made in order to focus on supporting all foreign residents regardless of age, even though we will still give priority to supporting seniors who need the support the most.  We welcome younger people to enter our group and to share in the decisions that affect the lives of foreign residents now and in the future.  Our banner has also been modified to reflect the new name. We hope you like it.

Report on the items discussed at the Core Committee Meeting
Summary of future program topics being considered for presentation during 2018.
Adobe Acrobat document [111.1 KB]

November 7, 2017 Events and Updates


We had a great event in September for which I have now updated the Archive page to reflect what is currently happening with the Sapporo International Communication Plaza International Volunteer Network Project.  The project is currently in the test phase and they are establishing a database of foreign volunteers to call upon when needed.  SICP has put out a bilingual set of documents for which there are links now posted to the September meeting archive notes along with a report on the full content of that presentation on Volunteer Opportunities for Foreign Residents.  Please check it out.

The HMSC Committee will be meeting on June 24, 2017 from 10:00-12:00 Saturday morning to discuss further plans for programs during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.  We will also confirm the date for the picnic to be held on August 5th. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions for the committee, please use the contact form provided.

New Website Banner Design


We now have a new banner voluntarily designed by Thomas Zimmerman, who spent a year in Sapporo studying at Kyoikudai Ainosato and is now living in Aomori Prefecture.  We are most grateful for his contribution to our group. We believe that this banner/logo reflects the true nature of our community.

On March 29, 2017 a new page entitled 'Links' was added to this website.  Please visit it when you have time. It contains links to interesting articles about topics of particular interest to seniors and those who care for them.  It will also be used to point to other organizations providing similar support for seniors.

Plans for HMSC 2017 Events


On February 25, the Core Committee members met to make plans for the coming fiscal year presentations and to discuss other business.  It was a very productive meeting held at our sponsor's office at the Sapporo International Communication Plaza.  We discussed how HMSC and SICP, along with Neighbors, the organization that helped to bring about the birth of HMSC over two years ago.  We decided to forego a meeting in March as it was impossible to do the meeting on Investmets which we had been considering.  Therefore, the next meeting will be held in May on the topic of Last Will and Testament, and we will then hold a summer picnic in early August, followed by presentations in September on Volunteerism and the discussion on Investments in November, with our annual winter social party in late January 2018.  Our program chairpersons are evaluting a variety of topics that have been suggested along with the feasibility of finding bilingual speakers for possible presentations.


Finally, we are hoping to have a new banner for our website to replace the one currently being used.  It should reflect the community we share and support through our volunteer spirit.  Thanks to everyone for their donation of time and funding to keep our group growing as we continue to help more and more people.


This new announcement was posted on March 18, 2017

This important update was posted on April 26, 2016


There has been a recent update to the Pension System benefits associated with part-time employment which is detailed in a newspaper article on Shakai-hoken.  Please visit the Archives page and scroll down to the presentation given on the Pension System in Japan to find the Update links for all changes since that event.

This announcement was updated on April 13, 2016.


The members of the Steering Committee met on April 2nd from 2:30pm at L-Plaza.


The Committee welcomed several new members to serve on the committe. We began assigning committe members and those interested in helping the committee to fill the positions of treasurer/bookkeeper, publicity, programs, recording secretary, facilities/venue, etc. Thanks go out to all the members who are giving their time and energy to help fulfill the goals of the MSC.


We decided that everyone is welcome to attend any of our presentations free of charge.  However, beginning this year we realize that we need funds to cover our annual operating expenses, and we would like to offer a supporting membership for a 1,000 yen donation.  All donations would be greatly appreciated and entitle 'supporting members' to priority attendance at special events, such as the New Year Party, bus tours, Internet Forum, etc.


The committee spent a good deal of time discussing ways to improve the organization and what topics should be scheduled for the upcoming events.  Since we are a multi-national group, we will try to provide bilingual information and interpretation whenever possible.  In general, presentations have mostly been given in English, with some interpreting.

March 12, 2016


Recently, it was discovered that the government has reorganized some of their web sites, which has affected the links contained in event reports.  Therefore, many updates have been made to enable access to their new links, which appear in the files that can be downloaded from the Archives page.  We encourage you to download the most recent files, if you want to keep such useful English information on your personal computer.

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