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Membership and Donations

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Definition of Membership:


A member is any resident of Japan who pays the annual membership fee and agrees to abide by the HMSC rules and regulations.


Types of Membership and Annual Membership Fees:


A person's annual membership starts the day they sign up and pay the fee. The database will keep track of those dates and the Membership Coordinator will notify members when their annual membership fee is due for renewal.


Regular individual membership* @ ¥2000

Special senior membership* @ ¥1500 (age 75 or above)

Joint membership* (with spouse or partner) @ ¥1500 per person


* Membership cards will be available for pickup at any following event.


Guest Policy: A guest may attend an HMSC presentation for ¥500.


Club Participation: Members of HMSC have the right to join Club activities as long as they abide by the rules established by such Clubs.


Benefits of Membership:


Free attendance to all presentations and social events


Note: Social event are open to members/families only.  For special events which are expected to be more expensive to put on, a one-time additional fee would be indicated.


Right to participate in any organized Club activity



to learn about pertinent issues related to health and life in Japan

to interact with other members in English and/or Japanese

to make new friends

to join interest groups established for the benefit of members

to work with local government and other organizations to bring positive changes in quality of life for all, especially seniors


Payment of Membership Fees:


Membership fees can be deposited to the HMSC postal bank account.


Account Number: 19000 58457401

Account Name: HMSC (エイチエムエスシー)


After making your deposit, please notify our Membership Coordinator by sending an email message to membership@hokkaidomsc.org and provide the name(s), type of membership, nationality(ies), gender(s), along with the date and amount deposited. In the subject line please write: "New Member."


Note: Membership fees can also be paid in person at any HMSC event.


Refund Policy:


All requests for reimbursement of HMSC fees paid or adjustments for any reason should be made in writing to membership@hokkaidomsc.org and include details as to why the member feels a refund is warranted.  The decision of the Executive Committee will be final.


We look forward to having you join us.


The HMSC Executie Committee Members


Ken Hartmann, Chairperson

Keiko Takeda, Treasurer

Kathleen Riggins, Recording Secretary

Margaret Shibuya, Vice Co-Chairperson, Membership Coordinator

Michi Goto, Vice Co-Chairperson, Co-Program Coordinator

Teruo Ooi, Co-Program Coordinator

Sally Kobayashi, Publicity/Public Relations

Yasuhiko Takasaki, Facilities, Executive Club Liaison

Hokkaido Multinational Support Community

(a non-profit organization)


Mission Statement


HMSC is dedicated to improving the lives of Hokkaido residents, by providing support through informative bilingual presentations and promoting social interaction, especially for seniors and those who are foreign nationals.


Vision Statement


HMSC is dedicated to supporting both foreign and Japanese residents of Hokkaido with a primary focus on seniors. Often lacking sufficient language skills and having an inadequate understanding of Japanese culture, foreign senior residents require a constant flow of relevant information in English related to aging in Japan. In addition, because all seniors are vulnerable to isolation, they need regular opportunities for different types of social interaction with like-minded residents.


Short-term to long-term objectives include establishing a central meeting place in Sapporo where multinational residents can meet for a variety of purposes from formal presentations to informal social activities. Our mid-term goal would be to encourage the City of Sapporo to make similar facilities available in each ward, in order to support as many multinational residents as possible, as well as, work with local governments throughout Hokkaido in a joint effort to support all multinational residents in Hokkaido. The long-term objective is to develop a multinational residential care facility where English is a primary means of communication.

Donations to HMSC


The Hokkaido MSC group is strictly non-profit and all Executive Committee members are volunteering their time and energy to give support to others in need.  In order to put on events we are hoping to raise enough funds through membership fees and donations to cover associated expenses. Hopefully, this will enable us to keep social activities and presentations free of charge for all members and the guest donation fee at only 500 yen for presentations.


For those who wish to make an extra donation at our presentations and other events, there will be a collection box for anonymous contributions. If you cannot attend meetings, but you would like to make a donation, please transfer the funds to the HMSC postal bank account.


Account number: 19000   58457401

Account name: HMSC (capital letters only) (エイチエムエスシ―)


Finally, please use the "Contact" link at the top of the page to let us know of your donation so that we can acknowledge it and provide a receipt if desired.











一般個人会員※ 2,000円

高齢優待会員※ 1,500円(75歳以上)

共同会員※(配偶者およびパートナーと共同) 1人当たり1,500円




一般参加者について: 一般参加者は500円でHMSCのプレゼンテーションに出席することができます。


同好会について: 各同好会の定めた規則を承認すれば、HMSCの会員は同好会の活動に参加することができます。





















口座番号: 19000 58457401

口座名義: HMSC(エイチエムエスシー)





Emailアドレス: membership@hokkaidomsc.org

また、メールの件名には「New member」と記載してください。















委員長: Ken Hartmann

会計: Keiko Takeda

録音秘書: Kathleen Riggins

会員担当: Margaret Shibuya

プログラム担当: Michi Goto

プログラム担当: Teruo Ooi

広報: Sally Kobayashi

施設担当/ECL: Yasuhiko Takasaki









口座番号: 19000 58457401

口座名義: HMSC(エイチエムエスシー)


領収書が必要な場合は、画面右上のContact をクリックし、問い合わせ用メールフォームへその旨をご記載ください。

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