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Japan's Elderly Medical Care Crisis and Comprehensive Community Care Solution

高齢化時代の医療介護危機: 地域包括ケアシステムによる解決策

November 17th, Saturday 14:30 - 17:00

(doors open from 1:30, so please come and socialize)


Venue: Hokkai-Gakuen University, Room D40 (Building 7, 4th floor)

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Main Speaker: Dr. Gaku Suzuki, Director of Suzuki Medical Group, Sapporo

(CV in English & Japanese below this announcement)


The speaker will present in English with the PowerPoint slides being shown simultaneously on separate screens in Japanese and English.  The Question and Answer session will be conducted bilingually.


Subject Matter:

Japan is in an era in which it is suffering from a rapidly declining birthrate and a growing number of elderly people, under deteriorating fiscal conditions. Medical care and welfare for the elderly in Japan have always been supported by the collection of funds from the active working base. Continuation of this fiscal system is in a state of crisis. Policies for reducing medical care and nursing care expenses are becoming more severe due to these circumstances.

In addition, policies are underway to save money by enhancing cost effectiveness by deepening administrative, regional and neighborhood collaboration, as well as collaboration between hospitals and clinics, medical and nursing care partnerships. This system of collaboration is being referred to as “the comprehensive community care system.” 



日本は急激に進行する少子高齢化と財政の悪化に苦しむ時代にあります。日本の高齢者医療と福祉は現役労働者世代からの仕送り方式で支えられて来ました。それが存続の危機にあります。そのような背景から医療と介護費用の削減政策が厳しさを増しています。加えて、病院と医院連携、医療と介護連携、それにとどまらず、行政、地域、ご近所連携を深める事で費用対効果をあげ、節約を図る政策が進められています。この連携がいわゆる地域包括ケアシステム("the comprehensive community care system ")と提唱されたものです。


Access: Toho Subway Line, get off at Gakuen-Mae Station and take Exit #3. Go out into the campus courtyard and Building 7 is the tall building on the left side of the courtyard.

Campus map

Dr Suzuki - English CV
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鈴木先生 - 履歴書
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