Supporting Seniors in Hokkaido Designed by Thomas Zimmerman
             Supporting Seniors in Hokkaido                        Designed by Thomas Zimmerman


The Hokkaido MSC group is strictly non-profit and all committee members are volunteering their time and energy to give support to others in need.  In order to put on events we are hoping to raise enough money through donations to cover associated expenses. This will enable us to keep meetings and presentations free of charge for everyone who wishes to attend.


For those who wish to make a donation at our presentations and other events, there will be a collection box for anonymous contributions. If you cannot attend meetings, but you would like to make a donation, please transfer funds to the HMSC bank account.  In addition, let us know of your donation by email so that we can acknowledge receipt.


Currently we are in the process of establishing a new account.  We will update this information when the account is functional. It should be operational in June. (May 19, 2019)

Account number:

Account name: HMSC (capital letters only)





プレゼンテーションやその他のイベントで寄付をしたい方には、匿名投稿用の収集ボックスがあります。 会議に出席できない場合でも、寄付をしたい場合は、MSC銀行口座に資金を送金してください。


北海道銀行 札幌駅前支店 (店番号151)

口座番号 1902264 普通預金  

口座名 MSC (大文字で入力してください)


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